Welcome on Berylizer Projectpage

Berylizer v2 is a High Quality Drupal Theme

Berylizer v2 Drupal Theme is still in Progress. You can only Download the old 1.2 Pre-Release.

Attention! Berylizer v2 becomes a Creative Commons Licence its free for private use or non-profit Organistations. If you want use this Theme commercial or want remove my Copyright write me a mail!

Last Updates and News

New Design goes Online

The new Design goes Online and it is an Example-Layout from the new Berylizer v2 Frontend-Theme. I will in next time reanimate the Backend-Theme as Sub-Theme.

I will upload the first Beta-Release on next Days!

Working on new Berylizer Theme

A very long Time ago i Released the Berylizer Backend-Theme, but it was still on there.

Now to reanimate

A little Preview of Future from Berylizer

My next plans for the Berylizer Admintheme is complete the last Rendering Bugs in Major Browsers. In Future become Berylizer a Handheld Theme, also sit in the Nature and Administrate your Drupalsite with your Smartphone or any mobile Phone.

Another innovation is the integrating from the color module to chance the color scheme.
A livedemo of the Theme come next days.

The Pre-Release from Berylizer is official

It is so far the theme Berylizer is ready and can be download.In the near future to follow more features, but may also have suggestions for features are made. Contact me!

In the next few days I will present the website switch in English.